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 Our law firm is dedicated to proactively protecting creative works by supporting
Indie Artists, Creators, Innovators and Entrepreneurs
in avoiding unnecessary legal risks.

The world needs artists to inspire and move us.
Let us handle the not-so-rock-n-roll
aspects of your career.
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What Clients are Saying about Your Virtual Advocate

  • "I considered other attorneys, but their customer service and attention to detail wasn't great. I felt like she cared about my case more."
    - Artist, O-1/EB-2 Visa Client
  • "Julie was such a pleasure to work with! Incredibly conscientious, respectful, knowledgeable and kind. She was always available to answer my questions, concerns or otherwise. She was amazing and I will definitely be hiring her again if/when I need her!"
    - Photographer, Copyright Infringement

Artist Legal Services and Advice Areas

O, P and EB Visa Services

Flat fee legal services to help navigate the complicated U.S. visa system 

USA Performance Visas →

Copyright protection and infringement

Making sure creative and artistic works are protected under U.S. copyright law

Copyright →

Provide general legal advice for day-to-day issues facing artists

  • Contract review and enforcement (booking agreements, album art work agreements, royalty splits, etc.)
  • Provide legal advice or risk assessment to questions arising in client's day-to-day as an artist to help understand legal obligations and avoid costly issues later
  • Act as an intermediary to help settle disputes

The "Virtual Advocate" Difference

Attorney with over 20 years working with artists and the entertainment industry, 
and a lifetime of love for all things artistic, creative and innovative
Affordable flat fees
Convenient, accessible meetings
Personalized, professional attorney services
An advocate you can trust

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