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All Sessions Available via Telephone or Video Chat

Initial Consultation, 15-minutes, free - Grab some time to go over your legal issue(s) and provide strategy recommendations, as well as a fee quote for any recommended legal work on your issues. Legal advice will remain general until lawyer is hired by the client by entering into an engagement agreement, and an attorney-client relationship has formed.
U.S. Employment or Artist-Based Visa Consultation, 45-minutes, $99 - Any immigration-related process must start with an evaluation of your circumstances, immigration history and other relevant factors which will affect your ability to petition for a visa or address your immigration-related questions in order to determine the proper status for which to apply and the scope of work which will be involved and the appropriate flat fee based on that scope or work.
Need a Green Card Petition reviewed or drafted, or have other immigration-related questions? We can help with that, too!
Contact us to find out if we can help with your situation.

Have some specific legal questions you need answered to understand your options and whether you have legal recourse, or qualify for a certain type of U.S. visa or immigration path? We are happy to schedule a longer, paid consultation to review your options and provide specific advice.

non-federal legal services available only in Washington State
Immigration and U.S. Copyright Services available worldwide



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