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Remote Copyright, Immigration and Monthly Legal Services for Artists, Musicians, Creators and Innovators

Most creative professionals don’t have access to affordable legal advice. There are special legal protections creative entrepreneurs need.

That’s why you need a lawyer who knows the business in your corner — a lawyer “dedicated to the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.”

Our firm’s virtual legal services for creative professionals are accessible anywhere you’re making your unique mark on the world. Wherever you are, we can help.

Your Virtual Advocate Assists ~

  • ~ Writers
  • ~ Musicians
  • ~ Actors
  • ~ Filmmakers
  • ~ Designers
  • ~ Social Media Influencers
  • And many other Creatives!

Our firm helps innovators build their businesses and protect their most valuable resource — their creativity.

Practice Areas

U.S. Visas & Immigration

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Copyright & Trademark

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Monthly Legal Services
Wisconsin & Washington

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Artist Advocate
Wisconsin & Washington

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Celtic Muse Wisdom with Owl

Our Legal Specializations

Your Virtual Advocate has two broad, related areas that is our focus.


Your most precious asset is your creativity. Because of that, it’s essential your creativity is protected at all costs.

We assist our clients in protecting their businesses, brands, creative assets and other intellectual property.

The bottom line — we protect your bottom line.


One of our greatest passions is to help talented foreign nationals obtain O-visas, P-visas, EB-1 and EB-2 national-interest waiver green cards.

We also help these individuals protect their U.S.-based businesses, brands and creative work.


Personalized Service — We will never ghost you; we believe clients need to be actively involved in their cases. We believe integrity and character matter.

No Surprise Billing — We offer flat fees for most services. You’ll be aware of any fees and will offered options before you’re charged. Legal fees shouldn’t bust your budget.

Real-World Legal Education —  Educating our clients about how the legal system can safeguard your business or creative assets and protect your bottom line is an important part of our service. Risk prevention is key. The key to prevention is education and knowledge you can implement into your business model, trainings or other aspects where it matters most.

If this sounds like you, let's find out if we fit! We'd love to see how we can work together.

What Clients are Saying about Your Virtual Advocate

"It is rare nowadays to find an expert that can specify the distinction between various art and design disciplines like Julie, as specialized as the art and design discipline has become. Her vast knowledge of the law and entertainment field, as well as artists and designers makes it a very enjoyable experience collaborating with her.  Julie's past experience and extensive network in the entertainment field give her comprehensive knowledge and the latest must-knows that I could not have been aware of myself."

Ellody, Experiential Designer - EB-2/National Interest Waiver Green Card

"Julie is like meeting a real-life search engine withan advanced function that will automatically type in the keywords for you.  This is so meaningful from a practical standpoint for emerging international artists just starting out. I feel deeply happy to have Julie's guidance to clarify the best path to go down with themost potential to achieve my goal of getting a green card."

Ellody, Experiential Designer - EB-2/National Interest Waiver Green Card

"Julie was a terrific external "expert" on a sticky immigration matter - very professional dealings and interaction. I thank her for her guidance, and certainly recommend her to others in need of immigration / legal guidance."

Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.  - Transitioning STEM-OPT Student to Employment with the Company

"Julie was a God sent help for us in our immigration papers, we were so confused and hesitant about what and how to do it and Julie was so clear, straight forward and helpful all the way through. We are so grateful that thanks to her guidance and support we are not only enjoying our marriage but hopeful that we will have a stable place to call home. We certainly assure you that she will not only put her professional skills at work to help you but also a loving and encouraging heart to guide you to the best decision and way to deal with your case. Thank you Julie and May God bless you!!!"

Kelly and Gloria - Marriage based green card

"Julie was such a pleasure to work with! Incredibly conscientious, respectful, knowledgeable and kind. She was always available to answer any of my questions, concerns or otherwise. She was amazing and I will definitely be hiring her again if/when I need her!"

Photographer -  Copyright Infringement

Latest Explainers & Updates

A priority of Your Virtual Advocate is to provide valuable knowledge to those who seek it out. We understand not everyone can afford to hire a lawyer and there is a lot of information on the internet providing advice to "do it yourself." Check out our latest blog posts or subscribe below to receive updates when new posts are shared.

Lessons in Girl Boss-ing: Taylor Swift

For any creative, Taylor Swift's experience teaches a valuable lesson as to the copyright of your work. You have to look out for yourself and protect these assets! Make sure the value stays with you instead of being owned by someone else, and know there are ways to get creative about your creative ownership.

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It's the Constitution's Birthday

With another Constitution Day upon us, it’s more important than ever to remind ourselves of the power we have to protect that document. Read how you can play your part.

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Schools Can Only Regulate Student Speech in Limited Circumstances, Says the Supreme Court

Since the rise of social media, the free speech rights granted by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution are muddied as to how the rights apply. Read on for an explainer of the recent Supreme Court decision on whether schools can regulate the off-campus speech of students.

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