A Virtual Law Firm 

Professional Attorney Services
for Affordable flat fees

Our Law Firm is taking the traditional law practice and transforming legal services into a less scary, more affordable thing, with the same high quality services.

We provide affordable legal services 
in a secure, digital environment
“virtually” via telephone, video chat or
secure online messaging,
at times convenient to you.

If you want a lawyer who will:

- Never nickel and dime you with hourly billing
(Almost always flat fees - we promise no surprises!)

- Provide expert legal and business advice at times convenient to YOUR busy life

- Help you find solutions to your goals and not tell you a lot of what you can't do

- Be transparent

- Make time to talk to you


What Clients are Saying about Julie

  • "I considered other attorneys, but their customer service and attention to detail wasn't great. I felt like she cared about my case more."
    - Artist, O-1/EB-2 Visa Client

  • "I appreciate Julie and her experience. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She is very attentive, and answers calls at any given time that I have had a question. I appreciate and value her work." 
    - Employer, O-1A Visa Client

  • "Julie is extremely thorough and quick to answer any and all questions. Highly recommended!"
    - Entrepreneur, Copyright Advice
  • "It was a pleasure to work with Julie. She patiently and informatively answered our questions with clear and actionable answers."
    - Review Marriage-Based Green Card Application

  • "Julie was such a pleasure to work with! Incredibly conscientious, respectful, knowledgeable and kind. She was always available to answer my questions, concerns or otherwise. She was amazing and I will definitely be hiring her again if/when I need her!"
    - Photographer, Copyright Infringement

  • "Julie is a goddess of letter-writing." 
    - Artist, Copyright Infringement

Legal Services Provided

U.S. Employment- and Artist-Based Visas
Available worldwide
USA Copyright and Federal Trademark protection
Available worldwide
Strategic in-house counsel subscription services for small businesses
Available in Washington State Only
Personalized, general legal services for Creators, Innovators and Entrepreneurs
Available in Washington State Only

Why Choose Your Virtual Advocate?

  • Affordable, tailored legal services to bridge gaps in access to the legal system
  • Obtain only the legal services needed at a flat fee per task
  • Access to legal services at convenient times to the client 
  • Help find solutions to meet a client's legal objectives
  • No costly retainer agreements
  • Sliding fee scale based on income and ability to pay
  • Open communication and transparency; clients know what they will pay up front and what to expect with the legal services
  • No physical office means lower overhead, which for clients means lower fees for top-notch legal services 

Common Questions

What is limited scope representation?
Limited scope representation means offering only the amount of legal services clients need to handle legal questions or achieve desired outcomes with a legal issue.  We offer flat fees for each task.  There is no retainer agreement. We do not handle litigation.  If we feel litigation is the most appropriate course of action, we will advise accordingly so a client may seek out appropriate representation. 

 What are unbundled legal services?
Unbundled legal services are the individual tasks associated with legal representation.  Each task is done at a flat rate and clients can get as much or as little legal help they need. Providing legal services in this manner bridges gaps in access to the legal system, resulting in affordable help for the clients. Customizable packages are available based on your specific needs.

What is "online delivery of legal services"? 
Your Virtual Advocate is a virtual law practice, which means we have no physical office location.  Online delivery of legal services is done via technological means such as a secure client portal to exchange documents or messages and Skype, Face Time or phone to discuss legal matters. The unbundled legal services offered rarely require in person meetings.  By reducing overhead created with a physical office, we are able to lower our fees and provide excellent legal assistance at hours more convenient to the client's busy schedule, saving clients valuable time and money.

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