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The United States is seeing unprecedented and fast-paced changes to its immigration and visa system for foreigners seeking business or artist/performance visas. It is more important than ever to employ a lawyer to help you navigate these rough waters.

Your Virtual Advocate provides full U.S. Visa and immigration legal services from an experienced attorney, to improve your chances in obtaining an approved nonimmigrant visa or green card, including:

- Thorough assessments of your circumstances to recommend best visa options
- Advice, guidance, and review of evidence and documents prior to submission
- Full service petition and visa services, from start to finish, for a flat fee

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What Clients are Saying about Your Virtual Advocate

"Julie is very knowledgeable and prompt in her work.  She was able to address all my queries on documentation preparation for my work. As per timeline, she dedicated time and completed work very promptly. I will like to work with Julie for future requirements, if any. Thanks Julie for your work on this requirement."

- Employee, L-1B Visa Renewal

"I considered other attorneys, but their customer service and attention to detail wasn't great. I felt like she cared about my case more."

- Artist, O-1/EB-2 Visa Client

"Julie made the process of getting P-3 visas for a large group of artists very easy. The petition was approved the first time and all my artists made it into the country for my event with no hassles. Will definitely use her services for this event next year.

- Event Planning Co., P-3 Artist Visas

"It was a pleasure to work with Julie. She patiently and informatively answered our questions with clear and actionable answers."

- Review Marriage-Based Green Card Application

Important Facts about USA Visas 

You can submit a visa application up to one year in advance of your travels but should apply at least six months in advance to avoid premium processing fees.
Even if you are not making money as an artist visiting the States, you likely require a visa, with exceptions in very limited circumstances.
If you perform in the States on a tourist visa, you could put future ability to obtain U.S. visas at risk.
Visa approvals are possible with timely, complete and accurate petitions upon initial submission.
An attorney can guide an artist through the volatile nature of U.S. Immigration Law under the current administration.

USA visa help offered by Your Virtual Advocate

  • Ease a client's stress by helping to navigate the complex visa application process 
  • Reduce unnecessary delays by timely submitting applications with the proper evidence to support client's petition
  • Relieve client headaches and misunderstandings of the law by interpretting the legal language of U.S. visa guidelines
  • Assist client's entourage (spouse, dependents, assistants, crew, etc.) in obtaining the proper U.S. visas


Our Promises to Our Clients

Transparent - Upfront, all-inclusive flat fees. Clear communication. Truth and Honesty.

Accessible - Always available. Whatever the time zone. 24/7. Worldwide.

Convenient - Big city lawyering. Small town rates. Via video chat or telephone.

Innovative -  Creative, workable solutions to meet our client's goals.

Commitment -  Dedication to our client's cases. Strive to achieve positive outcomes.

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