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Expediting Nonimmigrant Visa Appointments

Find out what are your options to request an expedited interview for your nonimmigrant visa.

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Who is Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson?

U.S. President Joe Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the position of Supreme Court Justice, to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer. What tea leaves can we see from the newly appointed Justice Jackson's track record on immigration?

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What's Your Business & Brand Health Score?

A new start of a year is a time for reflection on what worked well the year before and what we need to change. This is no different for our business health. We created this quick quiz for you to check in on your business & brand's health.

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Lessons in Girl Boss-ing: Taylor Swift

For any creative, Taylor Swift's experience teaches a valuable lesson as to the copyright of your work. You have to look out for yourself and protect these assets! Make sure the value stays with you instead of being owned by someone else, and know there are ways to get creative about your creative ownership.

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It's the Constitution's Birthday

With another Constitution Day upon us, it’s more important than ever to remind ourselves of the power we have to protect that document. Read how you can play your part.

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