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Could AI Robots Be Coming to Steal Your Copyrights?

The use of copyright protection provides creatives with a pathway to control ownership, the use of works they’ve dedicated significant time and effort to, and their own income. Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence create new concerns for creatives about whether or not society will continue to need and rely on them, however.

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Federal Government Reinforces Human Authorship Requirement Amid AI Growth

With the swift advancement and access to Artificial Intelligence technologies, many have questioned whether or not the output from these programs constitutes copyrightable material. AI can produce images, videos, sounds, data, information, and stories – all frequently eligible for copyright protection.

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Navigating the US Visa Journey: A Guide for Artists

In today's interconnected world, artists have the opportunity to share their creative vision across borders, gaining exposure and engaging with diverse audiences. If you're an artist with aspirations to visit or work in the United States, understanding the visa requirements and options available to you is crucial. In this blog post, we will explore the various US visa categories specifically tailored to accommodate artists, enabling them to showcase their talent, collaborate with peers, and embark on exciting artistic endeavors. So, let's dive into the world of US visas for artists.

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Attorneys Play a Key Role in Copyright Claims Board Cases

As the Copyright Claims Board begins ruling on cases, many artists, creatives, and other professionals with an interest in intellectual property matters are keeping an eye on the latest developments.

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Copyright Claims Board Providing Alternatives to IP Lawsuits

The Copyright Claims Board is an efficient and cost-effective solution for resolving minor copyright disputes. This board specializes in small claims that are valued at $30,000 or less, providing a swift resolution process for individuals seeking to protect their intellectual property rights without incurring significant expenses. Thanks to this innovative approach, claimants can save time, money, and effort in addressing copyright disputes and receive a fair and just resolution.

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