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Update: The Public Charge Rule for US Visa & Immigration

The Public Charge Zombie required under Trump for certain green card and visa applications is dead.

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Why Small Business Owners Should Understand Copyright Law

Did you know one single instance of using someone else’s work without their permission can cost on average $1000 or more to resolve a claim of copyright infringement? If you are a small business owner, filmmaker, film producer, web designer, content writer, thought leader, life coach, talent manager, publicist or any other type of creative, your business depends on your understanding of copyright law.

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Responding To Trademark and Copyright Infringement Claims

With the economy seeing tough times and small businesses taking big hits this year, don't let a copyright or trademark infringement claim gut-punch your business. It is critical to understand what constitutes infringement, and what to do if you receive a claim of alleged infringment.

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If You Received a Denial for an SBA EIDL Loan Based Solely On Your Credit, Keep Reading.

We are here advocating for U.S. Small Businesses who are facing difficulties gaining access to COVID-19 Relief funds provided under the CARES Act by Congress under the Economic Income Disaster Loan and Emergency Grant Program. Read on here if you've been denied or may need an advocate for your business.

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How Does the New Public Charge Rule Affect You?

The new Public Charge rule is in effect beginning tomorrow, February 24, 2020. This rule impacts certain immigrants and nonimmigrants. Contact an immigration attorney to discuss your options.

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