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Creatives and Musicians Alike Secure Big Win With Ed Sheeran’s Copyright Victory

When you flip on the radio, you hear the latest pop tune and it feels hardly distinguishable from the last time you flipped on the radio and heard that day’s number-one pop hit. It certainly seems that often pop hits are low-hanging fruit in the music industry – and that’s the exact defense Ed Sheeran used in the lawsuit filed against him claiming copyright infringement.

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Facing Unfair Visa Delays? How Artists, Athletes, and Creatives Can Fight Back and Succeed with O-1, P-1, P-3 Applications

In recent months, we’ve seen significant and unreasonable delays for O-1, P-1, and P-3 visa applicants. Many of these applications are taking months longer than they have in the past and are often being receiving ridiculous Requests for Additional Evidence (RFE) and/or being denied without good reason by failing to follow the law, creating unnecessary delays.

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Girl Bossing (Taylor's Version)

For any creative, Taylor Swift's experience teaches a valuable lesson about copyrighting your work. It’s essential to look out for yourself and protect these assets! Make sure the value stays with you instead of being owned by someone else and know there are ways to get creative about your creative ownership.

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Unveiling Art's Legal Frontier: CJ Hendry's Copyright Infringement 2.0 and the Future of Creative Freedom

Discover the captivating legal battle surrounding CJ Hendry's exhibition, Copyright Infringement 2.0, as she challenges the boundaries of artistic freedom and copyright law that may have profound implications for the future of art, fair use, and the rights of creators in this thought-provoking case that redefines the landscape of creativity.

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"AI and Copyright: Copyright Office Engages Stakeholders on Key Issues"

Discover the latest insights from the U.S. Copyright Office's public discussions on AI and copyright as stakeholders delve into the challenges of AI-generated content, authorship attribution, fair use implications, and the role of AI in copyright enforcement. Explore the nuanced discussions that aim to strike a balance between fostering AI innovation and preserving the rights of creators in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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