Are you protecting or neglecting your intellectual property assets?

Are you confident you own your logo, website content or other brand assets
you've paid to be created for your business?

Do your agreements adequately address copyright and trademark ownership?

Do you have written assurances that the creative works made for you
are not infringing someone else's work?

Do you have an agreement with your independent contractors, vendors, freelancers, social media managers, web designers, et al., in writing?

Many small businesses consider these items as afterthoughts or not at all without realizing how much this can help or hurt their bottom lines.

Copyright and trademark laws touch every business.

If you hire social media managers, website designers, branding specialists, graphic designers, marketing specialists, event planners, or any other type of contract worker to do any number of important tasks for your business, do you, as the business owner, and your employees, understand what is copyright infringement, when you become liable for infringement by a contractor, and that it is strict liability - meaning inadvertent or willful infringement can be costly for your business. Even a couple of thousand dollars for one instance of infringement can be financially crippling to a small business.

We are here to help businesses of all sizes understand the ins and outs of how Copyright and Trademark can affect your business, how to train your employees, and
how to insulate your business better from liability.

Entrepreneurs, creators, and all types of businesses can avoid risks and mistakes that can be devastating and costly later by engaging the help of an attorney.
With Your Virtual Advocate, you can get affordable legal advice to proactively help your business.

Understanding the difference between what is protected and what is not can help you avoid a costly mistake of infringing another's works.
And we can help.

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Explainer: Why Every Business Should Care About Copyright

Did you know one single instance of using someone else’s work without their permission can cost on average $1000 or more to resolve a claim of copyright infringement?

Read on to find out more about why you should care about Copyright Law and Copyright Infringement as an artist, writer, musician, filmmaker, designer, content creator, or any kind of business.

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Copyright And Trademark Services

  • U.S. Copyright and Trademark registration 
  • Cease and Desist letters
  • Respond to Claims of Copyright & Trademark Infringement
  • Royalties and Licensing Agreements
  • Movie & TV Clearance for E&O & Distribution
  • Copyright & Trademark opinion letters
  • Copyright and Trademark searches
  • Copyright & Trademark Enforcement
  • Negotiate & secure permissions for copyrights of others
  • Review Copyright & other IP clauses in contracts
  • Analysis and advice to protect intellectual property
  • Train Employees the Business Copyright Basics

Guidance from the U.S. Copyright Office

Guidance from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) (Coming Soon)

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Your Virtual Advocate will guide clients through the complex legal web of U.S. Copyright and Trademark law to reduce unnecessary risks of a client's work being infringed upon or used without compensation. We save our clients time and headaches from trying to understand the legalese of Copyright law and help ensure clients have recourse for their owned creative works.

On the flipside, we can help resolve claims of copyright or trademark infringement.  
Copyrights and Trademarks are fact-specific areas of law;
Rarely as black and white as a letter claiming infringement suggests. 

Let Your Virtual Advocate handle the headaches for an affordable, flat fee.

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