General Counsel Subscriptions

In-House Counsel monthly services

for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Plans start at $599 per month and can be customized to suit Your Business Needs
only available in Washington State at this time

Every business faces potential legal exposure that can ultimately affect its brand name, reputation and the bottom line. Small businesses may  face the additional challenge of limited resources to retain an attorney or hire in-house counsel.  For the general counsel who needs an extra "in-house" hand that understands the business and its goals, or the small business owner who wants to avoid unnecessary legal risks, a monthly business subscription can save your business from costly consequences down the road.

included in Our business subscription service

Affordable monthly legal services packages

At a fraction of the cost to retain outside counsel

Reduce the disconnect between your business and outside counsel

No contract term required

Small business attorney gets to know your business operation and its goals

Proactive strategic approach, rather than only reactive support

General Counsel Subscription Plans

per month:
per month:
per month:

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Included in all plans

  • Answer routine legal questions
  • Review letters, complaints, documents, contracts
  • Risk exposure analysis and recommendation
  • Due Diligence reviews
  • Quarterly strategic legal planning meeting
  • Provide updated regulation or statutory review and recommendations
  • Pre-litigation dispute resolution*
  • Legal research and analysis ** 
  • Review and provide recommendations for HR/Employee matters
  • Draft letters of explanation, demand letters, cease and desist, employment offers, etc.
  • Preparing, reviewing and/or file business registrations or other legally required filings (*filing fees not included in monthly fees and will be billed separately)


  • No minimum contract term
  • Secure client portal to communicate or upload legal documents
  • Discounted hourly rate for hours exceeding your monthly subscription level
  • Upgrade or downgrade your subscription level month by month depending on needs
  • Itemized monthly invoice
  • Affordability 
  • Transparency
  • Convenience
  • Relationship with an attorney who gets to know you and your business needs

*We do not handle litigation. We will advise client if litigation appears to be the best path forward
**Complex matters or special projects (e.g., legal research) will be evaluated with estimations of time and fees agreed upon prior to commencement

Competitor Comparison

Online Legal Self-Service
(LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, etc.)

Monthly Cost
Average $40/month + additional costs if need more legal services beyond limited offered***
What is included:
Access to do-it-yourself forms and documents
Brief attorney advice generally included
Additional advice or services at a discounted rate based on attorney’s own hourly rates or flat fees
Convenience of online legal services
Strategic planning for businesses with certain length plans

Your Virtual Advocate

Monthly Cost
Starting at $599 and up
per month
What is included:
Three tiered plans which include up to a certain number of “hours” of legal services per month
Most legal services available; No litigation
No hidden additional fees. Administrative costs included
No retainer fees
Strategic legal planning services for business
Additional legal services beyond plan level at a discounted rate each month
Work with the same lawyer for all your legal matters
All online service; Virtual meetings and secure communication
Superior legal help for businesses

Traditional Law Practice

Monthly Cost
Average $200-$600 per hour
e.g., 5 hours = $1000)
What is included:
Full service
Personalized service
May offer flat fee services rather than hourly rates
Often face to face meetings; some may offer virtual options
Quality legal help
Retainer fees and other administrative costs may be additional

Common Questions

What if my business has a legal issue but we do not want to have a monthly subscription?

The law firm will handle individual matters on an hourly or flat fee basis, depending on the needs to handle the particular issue.  Please schedule a consultation to get started.

How are you different from the other online legal services businesses can use to complete forms and get certain legal advice?

Please see our comparison chart.

What if we have a more complicated legal issue that may exceed our monthly subscription hours?

Complex matters estimated to exceed three hours of work will be discussed with the business and an estimate of time provided as well as any excess fee required to handle the requested matter.  The matter will move forward once mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Can I rollover unused time to the next month?

Unfortunately not. The monthly subscription fee is considered a flat fee for a scope of services as outlined in the engagement agreement business will receive upon hiring the firm.  That fee includes up to a certain number of "hours" of legal time which is significantly discounted compared to the equivalent hourly rate through a traditional law firm.  For example, on the low end of the scale, your company is likely to pay approximately $4000 for 20 billable hours at a $200 hourly rate whereas our firm provides the same number of hours for about half that.

Why are you offering your services at such a discounted rate?

A benefit to operating an "online" law practice is lower overhead, lower malpractice insurance costs and other cost-saving measures that result in savings to the client.  The quality of legal service you receive is the same as a traditional law firm, with added conveniences to your business to save you time, resources and reduce legal risks to your business.

Plans start at $599 per month and can be customized to suit Your Business Needs

Our Promises to Our Clients

Transparent - Upfront, all-inclusive flat fees. Clear communication. Truth and Honesty.

Accessible - Always available. Whatever the time zone. 24/7. Worldwide.

Convenient - Big city lawyering. Small town rates. Via video chat or telephone.

Innovative -  Creative, workable solutions to meet our client's goals.

Commitment -  Dedication to our client's cases. Strive to achieve positive outcomes.

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