A Virtual Law Firm 

Big City Lawyering.
Small Town Rates.

Our Law Firm is taking the traditional law practice and transforming legal services to be more accessible. Live in a big city with big city lawyer fees? We can help.
Live in a small town, and can't find the right lawyer for your legal matter
without driving for miles?  We can help.
We bring the lawyers to your living room or office.

We provide all-inclusive legal fees 
in a secure, digital environment
“virtually” via telephone, video chat or
secure online messaging,
at times convenient to you.
dedicated to the specific needs of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.


Julie is a goddess of letter-writing.
Artist, Copyright Infringement
Julie is extremely thorough and quick to answer any and all questions. Highly recommended!
- Entrepreneur, Copyright Advice

Why Choose Your Virtual Advocate?

  • Tailored, All-Inclusive Flat Fees
  • Solution-oriented Attorneys
  • Access to legal services at convenient times to the client 
  • Handled correctly the first time around so you can be secure in knowing your case is being handled.
  • No physical office means lower overhead, which for clients means lower fees for top-notch legal services 
  • No costly retainer agreements
  • No surprise bills with additional fees or expenses
  • Open communication and transparency; clients know what they will pay up front and what to expect with the legal services

You don't sound like a typical law firm. Tell me more.

What is an all-inclusive legal fee?
We believe in transparency and communication with our clients. We seek to eliminate the fear of cost to seek help from an attorney. We give you one flat fee up front that includes everything: advice, drafting and filing petitions, compiling evidence, unlimited emails, phone calls and communication, and expenses like postage and printing are included. Gone are the days of receiving a hefty bill in the mail from your attorney that you did not anticipate.

What legal issues can you help me with? 
Your Virtual Advocate is dedicated to providing legal services to Creators, Innovators and Entrepreneurs in the areas of U.S. Visas and Immigration, U.S. Copyright and Trademark, and Businesses. Entrepreneurs include artists because, let's face it, your creative work IS your business and your brand. We are creative-focused and provide expert legal services where ART and BUSINESS intersect.

What is "online delivery of legal services"? 
Your Virtual Advocate is a virtual law practice, which means we have no physical office location.  Online delivery of legal services is done via TECHNOLOGY such as a secure client portal to exchange documents or messages and Video Chat or phone to discuss legal matters. The services provided by our firm rarely require in-person meetings, which saves you time to do other things life throws at you. By reducing overhead created with a physical office, we are able to lower our fees and provide excellent legal assistance at hours more convenient to the client's busy schedule, saving clients valuable time and money.

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